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A Patient's Guide to Tooth Extraction Aftercare

Last updated 24 days ago

Whether you have undergone a tooth extraction procedure before or you are about to undergo your first such procedure, there are a few tips to keep in mind after you leave the dentist’s office. Here’s a look at caring for your mouth after a tooth extraction:

Take It Easy

Oftentimes, it is your first impulse to get back to life after what feels like a small procedure, but even a tooth extraction can exhaust your body. Be sure to discuss the procedure with your dentist, and ask about any possible effects it may have on your schedule. Taking a day or two to rest and relax can boost your body’s healing process and get you back on track sooner than going back to work immediately after leaving the dentist.

Take Your Medication

While you are still under the influence of any anesthetic administered by your dentist, you will not feel pain after the procedure. This does not mean you will not feel pain at all, and you should be sure to take pain medication before the anesthetic wears off fully, or as directed by your dentist. Additionally, be sure to read the label—many medications cause side effects such as drowsiness or disorientation, so do not drive, exercise, or participate in sports while taking such medications.

Take Care with Your Mouth

Your mouth will be sensitive after you leave the dentist’s office, and special care should be taken over the next few days. While regular brushing and flossing may be possible, chewing hard or sticky foods, spitting, or even using mouthwash may adversely affect the extraction regions. Stick to soft foods and water for a few days to avoid irritating your gums or dislodging clots or stitches.

From routine cleanings to tooth extraction, the experienced dentists of Lenox Village Dentistry of Nashville are here to provide you with the best dental care available. To learn more, visit our website or call us today at (615) 800-2045.


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